Duty Ethics

You have a strong sense of right and wrong. Gray areas don't exist because there is always a black and white decision to be made. There are such things as absolute truths and universal laws and people should obey them no matter what. You believe everyone has inherent dignity and we should never use people. Instead, we should think about how to reach a decision where everyone's happiness can be achieved. By doing this, we create a Kingdom of Ends where everybody cares about the outcomes and happiness of each other. You are logical in your decision-making and arrive at your conclusions by thinking rationally through your moral dilemmas.

The Bad: There's not a lot of flexibility with Duty ethics. You think like Spock and detach yourself from emotions and any feelings you might have. There are no exceptions to rules which makes this framework difficult to consistently uphold.

Immanuel Kant is a big deal in this perspective and you can learn more about this ethical perspective here!


Other Ethical Styles

Levinasian Ethics

Reciprocity Ethics

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